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Modern House

welcome to Crestview Floors, where inspiration meets exceptional, proudly serving Calgary and area since 1968


whether you're a seasoned designer, a proud homeowner, or a skilled builder,

we understand the importance of crafting spaces that reflect your unique style and vision 

designers, let our curated selection of premium materials bring your vision to life. with textures, colors, and patterns to captivate the senses, we'll ensure your designs stand out with unparalleled quality and style

homeowners, whether you're renovating a cozy sanctuary or revamping your entire home,

we're here to make your dreams a reality with options to fit your lifestyle and budget

builders and contractors, from multi-family to large-scale custom builds, we've got you covered.

we offer a comprehensive product range and unparalleled expertise to be your trusted industry partner

ready to dive into a world of inspiration?  connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz

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Preston Murray, Calgary, AB

"Worked with the manager Josie on replacing carpet on 2nd floor with a durable laminate. Received a great install, excellent product, and wonderful service.

Thank you Josie! We highly recommend!"

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